State Government Disappointment Lack of Support for Swimming Pools

A Statement from Acting Mayor, Robbie Radel:

“Council remains disappointed in the State Government.  We recently wrote to Minister for Education, Grace Grace MP asking for the State to work with us to ensure every child in the North Burnett has access to learn to swim programs.  Minister Grace’s response was simply passing the buck to Deputy Premier, Hon Dr Steven Miles MP for his consideration.

Our school communities are grateful for the State Government led Lead to Swim Program and the Water Safety Swimming Education grants that are available to them – however these programs don’t help local governments with operational or maintenance costs to keep swimming pools open.

As Councillors, community members, parents and grandparents we see the value of this service for our region and we made the decision to keep all five swimming pools open, despite them running at a loss.  Unfortunately without support from the State Government this decision will have to be continually evaluated due to unavoidable maintenance costs and upgrades that will be required in the next 5-10 years.”

See Council’s correspondence here.

See Minister Grace Grace’s response here.

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